Lasagne Project

multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks (LASAGNE)

The aim of the LASAGNE project is to provide a novel and coherent theoretical framework for analysing and modelling dynamic and multi-layer networks in terms of multi-graphs embedded in space and time. To do this, we will treat time, space and the nature of interactions not as additional dimensions of the problem, but as natural, inherent components of the very same generalised network description.

The theory will be validated on real-world applications involving large and heterogeneous data sets of brain networks, on- and off-line social systems, healthcare systems, and transportation flows in cities. Our project will provide new quantitative opportunities in different fields, ranging from the prediction of pathologies to the diffusion of ideas and trends in societies, and for the management of socio-technological systems.

LASAGNE is funded by the FET Proactive Initiative, Dynamics of Multi-Level Complex Systems (DyM-CS).

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Postdoc position in Big Data Analytics and Network Science. Birmingham, UK
Post-Doctoral research position available in Paris
LASAGNE scientific meeting in Cambridge
LASAGNE 1st technical review meeting
LASAGNE with the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks
Post-Doctoral research position available in Barcelona
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